Noctambule between the past and present – Night-time visit of Avignon

Guided tour as soon as night falls, when the streets reveal their unique atmospheres. An invitation to discover Avignon, a city from the Middle Ages, the capital of Christianity in the 14th century in an original way. Let yourself be enchanted by the lights that illuminate the city’s most emblematic buildings. The night allows for an intimate visit in calm, where you will discover small streets with a rich history, Roman ruins, and unusual characters. All in a relaxed atmosphere to share a good moment.

Would you like to discover Avignon in a different way? This Night Owl offers an original visit of the city. It will show you how the past has influenced the present and will take you to the two most beautiful streets of the City of Popes.

Come and discover how the city has evolved over time and what remains of this glorious past!

Duration: 2h.

The tour is adaptable for people with disabilities.

Please notify the service provider when booking.

This tour is also offered in English.

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